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«We are an Ecuadorian couple who loves the thrill of adventure and the excitement of playing video games. We played our first escape game years ago, and by now we have already played close to 156 escape games around the world. We created our first Escape Room Company in 2015 with five escape themes in Quito, Ecuador. After we realized that our dream had come true, we decided to start our second project in 2018 with two wonderful partners who will help us expand our empire of escape games.»
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«We offer a fun and adrenaline filled experience, through immersive environments and scenography, so that our clients may develop leadership skills, teamwork, effective communication and critical analysis.»


«To become the leaders in the escape games industry around the world, by maintaining high standards of quality and leading-edge technology.»


Commitment – Honesty – Communication – Teamwork – Innovation
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