Are you on the hunt for a birthday party idea out of the ordinary?

Something that promises not just cake and balloons but an adventure that’ll have everyone talking for years?

Try an escape room birthday party for a change.

As the top escape room in the Phoenix Metro Area, AZ, and the host of numerous groups celebrating different occasions, let us unpack the experience for you and guide you through planning the ultimate escape room birthday bash.

Why Choose an Escape Room for Your Birthday Party?

Picture this: a birthday celebration where you and your guests dive into a world brimming with puzzles, mysteries, and challenges to overcome together.

This isn’t just any party; it’s an escape game birthday party, an adventure that transforms your special day into an unforgettable expedition.

Unmatched Excitement

Unlike traditional birthday party places, escape rooms offer a heart-racing, adrenaline-pumping experience.

It’s not just about blowing candles but cracking codes, solving puzzles, and escaping the room as victors.

Perfect for All Ages

Most escape rooms have various games with different themes and difficulty levels, so all age groups can enjoy the birthday party.


Fosters Group Bonding

As you navigate through clues and unravel mysteries, you’ll witness bonds strengthening.

It’s teamwork in action, making it a brilliant choice for a kid’s birthday party where learning and fun go hand in hand.

Planning Your Escape Room Birthday Bash

Ah, the planning phase! Here’s where the adventure truly begins.

First up – Finding the ideal escape room for your birthday bash. Google “escape rooms near me” and pick and choose from the different options that pop up.

For example, if you search for escape rooms in Gilbert, AZ, or near Chandler, AZ, you’ll find quite a few options (including us, International Room Escape, of course!)


Selecting the Right Escape Room Theme

Let’s talk themes. Whether you’re into espionage, adventure, or science fiction, there’s an escape room waiting to transport you to another world.

  • Adventure Awaits: For the Indiana Jones in all of us, themes like “Amazon Rainforest” offer an exhilarating quest for treasure and glory.
  • Sci-Fi Surprises: Beam me up, Scotty! Rooms with a science fiction twist, like our Gravitational Effect escape room, invite you to unlock the future.
  • Mystery and Espionage: Fancy yourself a bit of a Sherlock? Put those deduction skills to the test with mystery and espionage themes that’ll have you solving the case before the clock runs out.

Organizing the Party


Now, onto the nitty-gritty of party planning. Here’s where your inner event planner shines, from crafting the perfect invite to ensuring the day goes off without a hitch.

  • Invitations That Intrigue: Set the tone with invitations that hint at the future adventure. Think puzzle pieces, secret codes, or treasure maps.
  • Prep Your Crew: Make sure your guests know what to expect. A quick rundown of escape room etiquette and tips can go a long way in ensuring everyone has a blast.

So, ready to make your next birthday epic? Stay tuned as we dive deeper into making your escape room party a reality.

On The Day

Here we are, the big day has arrived! Everyone’s excitedly buzzing, gathered to dive into the escape room party.

But what exactly unfolds once you step through those mysterious doors at International Room Escape? Let’s peel back the curtain a bit.

The Adventure Begins

Imagine this – the door locks, and suddenly, you’re no longer in Gilbert, AZ. You’re in the depths of the Amazonian rainforest or perhaps a secret agent on a critical mission.

This is what makes an escape room birthday an absolute hit. It’s an immersive experience that transports you and your guests to a different world.

Solving Together


The beauty of an escape game birthday party lies in the teamwork. It’s all hands on deck as everyone, from the birthday king or queen to the youngest puzzle master, contributes their bit.

And don’t worry, escape room children’s party options are perfectly tailored to ensure the little ones are just as engaged and contributing as the adults.

Carry on the party!

Alright, you’ve cracked the code, found the hidden key, and made your grand escape. But wait, the party’s not over yet! Here’s how to keep the vibe going:

Debrief and Celebrate

Gather around for a victory photo and a debrief session. It’s a great time to laugh over the missed clues and celebrate the wins.

Enhancing the Adventure

Carry the theme of the escape room through to the cake, decorations, and even the music. It’s a fantastic way to keep the adventure alive even after you’ve escaped.

International Room Escape in Gilbert (that’s us!)

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality escape room adventures that blend high technology with original, captivating game designs.

Catering to a wide audience, our games are perfectly suited for kids, teens, and adults.

Each room is crafted to immerse players fully, making every birthday escape room adventure a story worth telling.

Our escape games


Our escape room games are the heart of the event. Designed to accommodate up to 8 players, they ensure an inclusive and challenging experience, setting us apart as one of the most engaging birthday party places in Gilbert, AZ.

  • Amazon Rainforest Escape Room: Embark on an adventurous quest in the Amazon Rainforest Escape Room, where you and your team are scientists on the verge of a groundbreaking discovery. After a plane crash strands all of you in the dense Amazon, your team has 60 minutes to recover the eternal youth roses and escape before the locals find you. This adventure game for 2–8 players combines teamwork, puzzles, and a race against time, suitable for participants aged 8 and above, with a moderate difficulty level of 6/10.
  • Gravitational Effect Escape Room: In the Gravitational Effect Escape Room, you’re thrust into a science fiction scenario where a mysterious entity has abducted you and your friends. With the gravitational effect intensifying, you must solve the puzzles within 60 minutes to escape back to reality and prevent disastrous consequences. This thrilling escape challenge for 2-8 players offers a slightly higher difficulty level of 7/10, making it perfect for those aged 8+ seeking a mind-bending, science-themed adventure.
  • Save Escapy Escape Room: Join the Canine Intelligence Agency (CIA) in a riveting espionage-themed game to locate Escapy, the agency’s top agent who has gone missing while on the trail of his archenemy, Trappy, the mad turtle. The Save Escapy Escape Room provides a unique and playful setting for 2-7 players to work together, decipher clues, and save Escapy within 60 minutes. Designed with a difficulty level 5/10, it’s an accessible and fun experience for detectives aged 8 and up based on “truly possible events.”

What you can expect from a birthday party

Make your escape room birthdays unforgettable with our adventures! Choose from three exciting packages.

  • Adventure Basic offers an escape game, a special gift, and memorable photos for $33 + TAX per person.
  • Upgrade to Adventure Plus for all that, plus a private party room, pizza, and drinks at $49 + TAX per person.
  • Go for the Adventure Premier, featuring two escape games, a party room, pizza, drinks, and more for $77 + TAX per person.

Choose according to your group size and preferences. And you can continue the celebrations even beyond at nearby cafes and restaurants like Sal’s Gilbert Pizza and Postino Wine Cafe.

Special Group Events

Like almost every other escape room on Earth, we host team building and office outing events.

Now, let me ask you something – Given what you’ve learned about escape room parties in general and about us in particular, are there any other occasions that you’d like to mark or celebrate with us?

From proposals & bachelor/bachelorette parties to graduations & payday, there’s a whole host of celebrations you can hit us up for!

Mentoring a sports team or planning a class outing for your students? Contact us!



What is the best age for an escape room birthday party?

Perfect for adventurers of all ages, from eager kids to active teens and wise and mature adults.

How many guests can participate?

That depends on the capacity of the escape room. At International Room Escape, we can accommodate up to 23 players at one go (spread out across all our rooms), making them ideal for intimate parties or close-knit team gatherings.

Any tips for first-timers?

To enjoy the birthday – Just have fun! And to make the occasion extra special by winning the escape game – keep your eyes and ears open, and communicate clearly with your team.

Can escape room parties be customized?

Absolutely! We love making your experience unique. Let’s tailor your party to be as special as the day it celebrates.

How do you plan an escape room birthday party?

Start with a theme, send out those invites, and let the escape room handle the rest. Easy peasy!

How does an escape room party work?

It’s a thrilling race against the clock filled with puzzles, clues, and teamwork. Perfect for making any birthday an epic adventure.


Escape rooms are more than just a party venue; they’re an innovative way to celebrate, offering excitement, bonding, and a touch of the extraordinary. At International Room Escape in Gilbert, AZ, we bring stories to life, ensuring your celebration is nothing short of unforgettable. Ready for an adventure that elevates your special day? Consider International Room Escape for your next epic birthday bash, and let’s make memories that will last a lifetime.

Looking for an unmatched adventure for your next birthday bash or team-building event? Dive into the world of International Room Escape. Explore our themes and book your next unforgettable experience today!