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Experience the ultimate team building adventure with our thrilling escape rooms that are designed to challenge and unite your team like never before!

How do we help you?

Improve Mood

Solving puzzles increases the dopamine production in your brain which helps your team feel motivated and optimistic.

Lower Stress Levels

External worries and stress disappear because your brain gets into the «Alpha» state, therefore it’s more relaxed, calm and serene.

Increase Productivity

It resets your brain so it is easier to concentrate and enhance the ability to solve problems faster and effectively.

Boost Collaboration

Escape rooms are a great way to interact with others. It allows your team to work together and improve their communication and collaborative skills..

Escape Rooms

Juego de Escape Calabozo


Survive a plane crash and find the roses of eternal youth.

Up to 8 players
Difficulty: 6/10

Juego de escape Casa Antigua

Science Fiction

Come back to reality before you end up becoming an experiment

Up to 8 players
Difficulty: 7/10

Juego de Escape Dimensión Desconocida


Save Escapy and contact de CIA chief before it’s too late!

Up to 7 players
Difficulty: 5/10

Get more than just one hour of fun!

Pictures and Videos

Included in price

Team's Performance Evaluation

Only $65 per team

Debriefing Session

$30 for 20 minute session (Up to 10 players)

Lunch Break

Pizza + Soft Drinks
Only $16 per participant
(Up to 10 players)

Meet the Team Builder

Hi! I'm Aly and it's my pleasure to be serving you.

7+ years of experience in Team Development.
Entrepreneur and Business Mentor.
7+ years experience in the escape room industry.
Escape game creator and developer.
B.A. in Hospitality Business Administration.

In our games, several skills are developed, such as:

✦ Identification of Leaders: The games give you the opportunity to observe who is able to guide the group, in such way that they can reach the objective.
✦ Work under pressure: The group must escape within a specific amount of time, which requires working fast and efficient.
✦ Teamwork: Our games require that the group work collaboratively together in order to achieve a common goal.
✦ Critical & Analytical thinking: The group will need skills to analyze and evaluate information. Participants will be able to evaluate, identify and distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information.
✦ Effective Communication: Participants must maintain a quality interaction with each other in order to solve the puzzles.
✦ Relationship Building: Bonds are strengthened through teamwork while the group works to escape the room.
✦ Thinking outside the box: The puzzles are solved by thinking beyond the boundaries in a creative and unconventional way.

What do our clients say?

Walgreens Team: «Very accommodating for our larger business group. We were split into 2 teams and each did one of the rooms. The Gravitational Effect that I did was amazing. First escape room I’ve done and it was awesome!»

Christine D: «Did this as a team building event and it was AMAZING! Everyone was so kind and Aly was very accommodating and responsive to any questions I had organizing the event.
We did the Rainforest adventure and made it out with 1 minute left! It was challenging and so much fun.»

Mike Robertson: «Our team had a great time. Very impressed with the amount of detail and props. We’ll definitely be back.»

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